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A Note from Loretta

Loretta "Little Iodine" Behrens


Now some 50 years have gone by since I've been blessed by joining the Seltzer clan.  I have great memories of good times.  Don't get me wrong, there were many rough and not so hot times, like broken romances and disagreements among my fellow friends and teammates.  Roller derby wasn't an easy picnic.  There were many days of depression when the holidays came, and we were traveling so far away from home and families.

Like any job, you loved what you were doing, and it was the love you had that kept you going; good or bad.  We all loved our skating and the excitement of the game, the sport, the rough and tough of plays on the track, the excitement of the fans.  The madder the fans got, the better I skated.

I have to say in all my years of raising my family, and having all my friends, who now are also my family, I would never change my life.  I would do it all over the very same way, good times, bad times and the fun times can never been found if I had never left home to join the roller derby.  So for this, I give praise to all my peers, who have help to mold the little gal from a child into a woman.

I give my best to Mr. Paul Milane, to Mr. Bill Bogash, to Mr. Silver Rich, and Mr. Buddy Atkinson Sr., who were by far my best teachers.  (In all my faults, good and bad, as you all know I'm not the angel!.)  All my best to Toughie, and Annabelle Kealey, Gerry Murray, to Bobbie Johnston, Annis Jensen, and Gertie Schuol, who was a big help in teaching me to control my temper.  Last on my list was Georganna Kemp, who said,"there is no such thing as I can't".  To this day, I live by those words!  I thank you all for molding my life.

I had great friends and wonderful romances.  My husband, and the 40 years to be married to Phil, have been as wonderful as my career of my roller derby.  So who can say life hasn't been exciting?  Now that the new year is here, and there is another period of my life to get on with.  I still have my friends, my wonderful family, both roller derby and my sisters, brothers, grandchildren and believe it or not still my mother, who just passed away.  That could be another chapter of my life which some day will be written.

I give thanks to all my friends, all my loves, and mostly to my children Robin, Alan, and Hilton.  Thanks now to their spouses, for all the happy times, plus all the worries they all gave me; love to every one.

I've been asked to write my life stories at different times, so this is the start of Chapter One.  With me being Jewish, I do every thing ass backwards!



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